ich will dich spüren.
Had a great time at Nightmare New England with Tay and the rest of the fam tonight. #nightmarenewengland #spookyworld
2 K’s in 2 innings today on the mound for my first time in a long time.
old school photo of me jamming out at my aunts wedding. #throwback #tbt
Brought up as a die hard Red Sox fan and a Yankee hater at heart, I must say that Derek Jeter is the epitome of a ballplayer. A gamer every pitch of every inning of every game. The man is a legend and arguably the most well respected player in the history of the game. From a Sox fan… Farewell captain. On Behalf of Baseball fans around the world, we all love you Jete. #FarewellCaptain #RE2PECT #DerekJeter
When you’re an animal you’re and animal. #animal #fitfam (at Gold’s Gym)